All About Those Age Spots

As we age we often find that we have “liver spots”. “What are liver spots?” many wonder. Liver spots are quite common after the age of 40 and are thought to be caused through the skins aging process and the skins inability to regenerate as quickly after this age. Also known as age spots, these flat brownish gray spots appear in various sizes and shapes.

Do Liver Spots Pre-Dispose A Person To Skin Cancer?

As a general rule, liver spots are simply a benign (non cancerous) condition that is simply unsightly. If for any reason they suddenly change shape or start growing larger a doctor should be seen to rule out the possibility that a liver spot is masking a form of skin cancer.

Can Liver Spots Be Removed?

If they are very large or in really obvious and noticeable places, one can go in and have them electrically removed. There are also laser treatments and cryotherapy treatments that can be used.

Why Are They Called Liver Spots?

While many believe that the off brown color of liver spots has given them their name, they were originally called liver spots as they were incorrectly thought to have been caused by liver problems. The truth is that they actually have nothing whatsoever to do with the liver. The name simply stuck and thus they are called liver spots.

Do Fair Skinned People Get More Liver Spots?

While fair skinned persons don’t actually get more liver spots, they are much more noticeable on fair skinned persons. The darker the skin tone, the much less noticeable the liver spots are.

Are They A Form Of Mold?

This question often comes from the younger set asking a grandparent if they’re molding. No, it’s not mold.

Can Liver Spots Be Found Anywhere on The Body?

Liver spots can show up on any part of the body that has been exposed or over exposed to the sun. Generally they are found on the face, hands, shoulders and arms as well as the top of the head in persons without any hair or with very, very light hair.

Can I Prevent Them?

The only true way to prevent liver spots is to avoid the sun all together. Many have used sun screens and hats to help prevent them but the truth is they will show up eventually simply because everyone ages.

Do Genetics Play A Role In Liver Spots?

This question is often asked and it is believed that genetics do play a small role. If a parent, grandparent or other close relative has them this increases the likelihood that you will have them also. Especially if the family is fair skinned.

Is There Any Other Way To Avoid Them?

Wearing protective clothing when in the sun such as long sleeves and a hat will help to prevent or postpone them. It’s also important to use sunscreen.

Women could also use a make up with sunscreen in it to help prevent liver spots.

Now that you know what liver spots are you can make a more informed decision about your outside activities.